January/February 2015, Volume 31, No.1


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DestinyUSA-Carousel-2“PTC #18 — Destiny, USA”
by Matthew Caulfield

This is the story of PTC #18, as it celebrates 25 years in Syracuse, New York, bringing happiness to children and cherished memories to their parents who remember PTC #18 when it was at Roseland Park.  Matthew Caulfield guides us through the history.

Fabricon“Riding With The Rabbit — Manhattan’s Forgotten Upstairs Carousel”
by Richard Concepcion

Richard Concepcion relates information about a carousel which was once the focal point of the fifth floor.  This floor was themed for Central Park and the carousel was used to as a nod to its famous authentic namesake.  It was a 2-row fiberglass creation from SB Ramagosa who operated many attractions in the New Jersey shore resort of Wildwood.

Musical Squeezebox Clowns automaton, maker unknown, possibly made in Germany, c. 1900-1920.

Musical Squeezebox Clowns automaton, maker unknown, possibly made in Germany, c. 1900-1920.

“Guinness Spotlight: Clowning Around With Automata”
by Michele Marinelli

Michele Marinelli presents a variety of clown automata: jester, minstrel, harlequin, white-faced and “auguste” clowns.  Jesters, clowns and fools have appeared in many guises thoughout world history and have been given many different names over the centuries, but htey all share one thing in common: the comic perspective and dthe ability to dispense humor and wit.  These masters of comedy contribute to the world by making it a brighter and more joyful place.


Illions outside row jumper on the Heckscher Carousel at Hempstead Lake State Park (A New York State Park).

Stein & Goldstein armored horse on the Central Park Carousel.

Stein & Goldstein armored horse on the Central Park Carousel.

“A New York Carousel Rhapsody — Continuation of the Highlights from the 2014 NCA Convention”
by Richard Concepcion

Richard Concepcion continues his descriptions of the six carousels in the New York area which were visited by attendees at the NCA Convention held in Long Island, NY.  Pictures highlight each day’s tours.

Robot 04

105-key robot orchestra in Hotel-Café-Restaurant ‘Eemland,’ Soestdijk (near Utrecht).

“Decap Robot Orchestras”
by Maarten van der Vlugt – translated by Tom Meijer”

The Decap Brothers firm in Antwerp was founded in 1902.  In their early years they built some Dutch street organs, orchestrions and even a few louder instsruments for fairground attractions.  But they are most famous for their dance and café organs, especially the series with 72-, 92- and 121-keys.  They always tried to find something new, to keep up with the times.  This led to a special innovation at the end of the 1950s: the Robot orchestras.

44185_CarouselJan-(Page-55)“Kiddie Park Horses Need A Home”
by Leah Farnsworth

Leah followed up on an email about some small horses from a kiddieland ride that needed a new home after having been in storage for many years.  The correspondence between Leah and the owner took place over many months and is printed in this first installment.  It is an interesting story to follow.


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