March/April 2015, Volume 31, No.2



Mar_Apr-2015-CAMN-pgs-12-13sprd“Fairy Takes and Organ Music”
by Marc Veeningen – translated by Tom Meijer

The founders of the DeEfteling Park in the Netherlands asked anton Pieck to work with them on the design of an amusement park and  recreation ground with fairy tales as the theme.  He had a love of mechanical organs which, were often the focal point of his drawings.  He combined his love of the organs and his interest in fairy tale drawings to influence the design of the largest amusement park n the Netherlands. The park has one of the oldest working Salon Carousels and an 87-key Gavioli organ as the main attractions.

46296_CarouselMarch-(Page-08)“Dan’s Desk”
by Dan Horenberger

Dan rounds up interesting pieces of information about the happenings in a number of parks and museums from Alabama to Tennessee to North Tonawanda, New York to Roswell, New Mexico and to China.  In China a local favorite merry-go-round is most likely going to be shut down.  But the reason is not a safety issue and the real reason may surprise you.

46296_CarouselMarch-(Page-09)“IAAPA – Orlando, Florida,November, 2014”

A picture essay from Dan Horenberger on the very well attended exhibition.

RcCCRiding With The Rabbit —By the warmth Of a Smudge Pot
by Richard Concepcion

Jim and Jackie Shulman, along with Maria Caccaviello, tell the story of how a whole community came together to build the Berkshire carousel.  Now they are ready to help others do the same.


Giuseppe Verdi

“Guinness Spotlight: Composer Series — Giuseppe Verdi”
by Michele Marinelli

Michele Marinelli from the Morris Museum opens the spotlight on the music and life of Giuseppe Verdi in this article.  At the museum, visitors listen to the musical compositions on a variety of automatic musical instruments.  Verdi is considered to be an Italian “national treasure” because of his music and his long musical career which spanned 54 years.

46296_CarouselMarch-(Page-36)“PTC #18 — Restoration of the Artizan Band Organ”
by Ben Gottfried

In the summer of 20111, the management of Destiny USA n Syracuse, New York, decided to undertake the restoration of the band organ used on their Philadelphia Toboggan Company carousel (PTC #18).  Ben Gottfried of Ben’s Player Piano Service in Richfield Springs, New York, was selected to undertake the restoration of the organ with the understanding that the organ would be returned in time for the up coming Christmas season.

The annual White House Christmas display in the East Room featuring carousel animals.

The annual White House Christmas display in the East Room featuring carousel animals.

“The Elk Go To Washington”
by Kurri Lewis

An invitation from the White House was sent to the Merry-Go-Round Museum in the summer of 2014 to participate in the annual Christmas decoration.  Kurri Lewis, the museum curator, took the lead in organizing a display of carousel animals from the Sandusky, Ohio museum, and the Charlotte Dinger collection.  He then delivered and set up the animals in time for the annual Christmas display.

Coinola Cupid – Dana Johnson photo

Coinola Cupid – Dana Johnson photo

“Where Are They Now?”
by Bill Harris

Over the years Bill Harris and others have found small cabinet style nickelodeons, such as the the Seeburg Style L, Coinola Cupid, and Western Electric.  In remembering the times when and where they were found, Bill wonders about, “Where are they now?”  This first installment features the keyboardless cabinet style pianos.

46296_CarouselMarch-(Page-48)“National Carousel Association 2015 Convention”
by Calvin Pearson

NCA is galloping down the coast to Hampton, Virginia for the 2015 convention.  Calvin presents an overview of the convention which is being centered around the PTC #50 Carousel in Hampton, Virginia.

42696_Mar_Apr_52“Kiddie Park Horses On The Move”
by Leah Farnsworth

Leah keeps the interesting story moving along enlisting the help of NCA Archivist, Marilyn Reinhardt and Museum Directory, Jerry Reinhardt to identify the horses. After Loretta (current owner) decides to donate the lot to the Parker Museum, the Reinhardts work to find a way to transport them to the museum in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Memoriams – Tom Sprague, Ft Wayne, Indiana.   Al Noren, Centennial, Colorado


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